ATA Injector ML Apk For Android [2022 Skin Changer Tool]

By Umesh Panchal

If you are looking for a single tool where you get a chance to modify various ML features for free then download and install the latest version of “ATA Injector” on your smartphone and tablet.

Like other injector tools and apps, MLBB players will get the link to this app only on third-party websites. Try our website for the latest version of the app with extra features which you will not get in the old version of the app.

What is ATA Injector Ml?

This is the new and latest MLBB tool that helps ML players to make changes in the original game by injecting simple game codes developed and released by third-party developers for free.

Before these apps and tools, only professional players can able to modify various games but now everyone can easily hack games using various tools which are easily available on the internet.

ML players prefer these apps or tools which everyone can easily use without any experience. They only need to install any safe and secure third-party tool on their device.

Information about App

NameATA MLBG Injector
Size16.2 MB
DeveloperMLBG Changer
Android Required5.0+

If you are looking for any safe and working ML tool then download and install this app and also share it with other ML players so that more players will get benefit from it.

We have mentioned in every article that these apps are not official or legal so you may face banning and other such problems. If you use this app on your original ML game account.

However, you may try these apps on a secondary game account and enjoy new and extra features which you will not get in the original game account. After using this app if you like it then you may try AltLove Gaming Injector Apk too on your device with more features.

Which new and extra ML features players will get in the new version of the ATA MLBG changer injector App for free?

In this new version of the app ML players will get below mention extra features like, 

New Elite Skins

In this app, Ml players will get newly released ml elite skins for free which are paid in the original game. You will get elite skins like,

  • Ling Kungfu Panda (Lord Shen)
  • Akai KungfuPanda (PO)
  • Tharmuz KungFu Panda (General Kai)
  • Jawhead MPL (Cyber Ranger)
  • Atlas Starlight (Space Mech0
  • Lancelot Dragon Tamer (Empyrean Flame0
  • Estes Epic (Blackist International)
  • Miya Collector (Doom Catalyst)
  • Valentina Elite (Archmagister)
New Revamp Skin

This tab contains revamp skin which players can easily add to their account using this app for free.

  • Matis Epic Skin (God of War)

Apart from new elite and revamp skins players will also get below mentioned other new ML features like,

  • ATA Live Stream
  • ATA Coin 200

To get all above mentioned new and extra features players have to uninstall the old version of the ATA MLBG Changer App which they have installed on their device and reinstall its new version which we have shared in this article for free.

Screenshots of App

What special features ML players will get in this new injector app?

In this new injector app, ata mlbb injector ML players will get the below-mentioned features and tools like, 

  • Loading Changer
  • Main Changer
  • Common Changer
  • Analog Changer
  • ATA MLBGChanger
  • Colorful Main Changer

This tab helps players unlock new maps and also make changes to previous maps.

  • Map Changer
  • Magic Chess Changer

Players have to use this option to make changes in ML skins.

  • Skin Changer

Use these below-mentioned codes to change various effects in Mobile Legends Bang Bang game.

  • Introduction Changer
  • Background Music Changer
  • Recall Changer
  • Elimination Changer
  • Spawn Changer

Players will also be able to change game theme, modes, and many more features using below mentioned third party codes like,

  • Themes
  • Modes
  • UI Restore
  • Credits

How to download and install ATA Nex Injector 2022 on Android devices?

If you want to install this new app then install it from our website like other third-party tools. Players need to activate unknown sources from the device set to install this app.

After installing the app open the app and you will see the home page where you will see a below-mentioned menu list like, 


  • UI
  • Map
  • Skin
  • Effect
  • Setting

If you want to get free skins then choose the skin option from the list above. To make changes in the UI of the MLBB game choose the UI option and enjoy modifying the ML game for free.

Why do ML players use ATA Injector ML App?

ML players love this new app because it allows them to make changes to the original MLBB game.

Where ML players will get the Apk file of its new app?

ML players will get an Apk file of this new app on our website for free.

Is it an official App by the MLBB game?

This is not the official and legal app.

Final Words, 

In simple words, ATA MLBG Injector Android is a new third-party tool for smartphone users to make changes in MLBB games. Try this app and also give us feedback about the app so that we will improve it.

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