WG Map Injector Apk Download For Android [ML App]

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There is always something unique about playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang. A battleground where gamers from around the world can participate and fight. It is considered restrictive to use Skins and Vector-Based Maps. The WG Map Injector will now help inject them directly.

A number of pro features are incorporated into the gameplay, such as resources. Despite this, most premium resources, such as Skins and Effects, can be found inside the store. In other words, unlocking requires real-time expenditures.

It is impossible to unlock those key items without spending money. This can cost hundreds of dollars, which is unaffordable and expensive. Installing the ML Injector may assist in directly injecting these gameplay maps.

What is WG Map Injector Apk

WG Map Injector Android is the most recently released latest MLBB tool in the market. Installing the particular Apk on the device will allow the gamers to inject plenty of premium resources. The MLBB Custom Maps can be activated with just one click.

Although Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the most popular and downloaded gameplay. Where smartphone users can easily participate and reflect their playing skills inside the arena. Although resources and skills are required to survive inside a battleground.

Fighting against enemies seems impossible without those resources. Even so, players can enjoy a fight with those approachable resources. However, playing on the same map or in one mode is less appealing.

Multiple modes and maps have already been incorporated by the developers. However, most of those vector-based maps are locked and restricted. By installing this single tool, you can easily inject custom maps. Multiple similar ML tools are shared here those include ZX Patcher Apk and Zonic TV Injector.

Details of APK

NameWG Map Injector
Size4.0 MB
DeveloperWorst Gaming
Package Namecom.worst.gaming.map.injector
Android Required5.0+

Unlocking premium resources may exceed the budget. The ML Gamers community already shares plenty of applications and platforms out there. In reality, most of those accessible tools are outdated and risky.

It means that the tools and platforms can be detected. Suppose such applications are detected as being used by a gaming account or device. This will result in a permanent ban of the device and account by the system.

Bans are hard to reverse once they have been applied to a device or gaming account. As a result, the experts recommend that players install and use such applications carefully. Select tools that support the Anti-Ban feature.

Although gamers can directly participate in gameplay. However, gamers find it more enjoyable with professional resources. The system, however, will allow players to engage only to a limited extent. A participant will be automatically restricted and forced to spend gems after reaching that point.

Hence, focusing on the direct integration of Mobile Legends gameplay modes and maps. WG Map Injector Download was offered by the developers. It offers five free MLBB Custom Maps that can be downloaded.

Main Features

Despite the fact that this MLBB tool is simple to use and has a number of pro features. However, most newbies are unaware of accessible options. Here we’ll elaborate those options mannerly in bullet points. It is helpful to read the provided information in order to better understand the tool.

  • You can download the ML Tool we are presenting for free.
  • It is not necessary to register here.
  • Subscriptions are never forced on users.
  • An easy-to-use and install program.
  • We found tons of features when we installed the ML Tool.
  • There are five major custom maps included in those.
  • There will be unique experiences for players on each map.
  • Thus, they can easily invite their friends inside the map.
  • The third-party ads have been disabled.
  • There is less space occupied by the Maps because of their small sizes.          
  • They can be injected directly with one click.
  • From the main dashboard, you can explore the mode collection.
  • Different security protocols are added focusing user privacy.
  • Mobile-friendly UI is maintained in the application.
  • Additionally, the anti-ban option has been added.
  • Upon launch, it will be automatically activated.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download and Install WG Map Injector App

Here, you can find information regarding the installation and usage of the application. But the initial step is downloading and for that Android users are recommended to follow provided steps. By following those steps, smooth downloads will be ensured.

  • In the first step, Android users are asked to click on the provided link.
  • A new page will now be displayed to the user.
  • Your downloading will begin automatically after a few seconds.
  • As soon as the download is complete.
  • Locate the downloaded Apk file in File Manager.
  • Install the Apk file by clicking on it.
  • Upon completion of the installation.
  • Launch the tool now and enjoy its features.
  • The WG Map Injector Password is “WG”
  • The WG Map Tool: How To Use It
  • Once you have finished downloading and installing.
  • From the mobile menu, launch the tool.
  • It is necessary for the user to grant certain permissions.
  • You will see a password box.
  • Put the password “WG” inside the tool now.
  • Users will be directed to the main collection by the application.
  • There are five major custom maps available.
  • Enjoy a new experience by injecting any map.


It’s always fun to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang with friends. Still experiencing problems unlocking pro maps and resources. For Android users, we recommend installing WG Map Injector ML and injecting Custom Maps for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Logins Required To Access Maps?

No, here the Android users will never ask for any logins. Even the password requirement is permanently removed.

Does Tool Support HD Maps?

Yes, here all the maps accessible to reach do offer HD Quality display. So gamers can enjoy a unique experience while playing.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk?

We are not assuring any guarantees. However, we installed the Apk inside different devices are found it smooth to use.

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